A photograph can do many things – capture a moment, sell a product, illustrate a point, express an emotion. But for me, above all else, seeing the world visually by taking photographs helps me to connect with it. We all wake up in the morning inside our own minds, but how do we really engage with our surroundings or with another person in a unique, intimate way? Photography has helped me do just that for the last 18 years. I keep that in mind no matter what my subject is.

Whether making work for yourself or for a client, I really think you have to rely on your own unique way of seeing. Staying true to that vision will translate into the work and make it great. You’re not just playing the role of a skilled technician; you’re fully invested in the work. Whether I’m onstage at a rock concert or caught up in the excitement of someone’s wedding day, these are people who are dedicated to their lives and pursuing their dreams and they deserve the same dedication from me.