Courtney & Stefan’s LA wedding: Palos Verdes and Bel Air - 2.1.2010

Courtney & Stefan married on November 6th, 2010 on the beautiful cliffs of Palos Verdes followed by an intimate reception at The Bel Air Country Club. Courtney grew up in Los Angeles and Stefan is from the beautiful Black Forrest, Germany. The ceremony took place at 11.30 am and I was a bit worried the high noon sun would be too harsh, but there was a softness to to the light and I enjoyed the challenge (nothing a few polarizing filters can’t fix). The black & white work was shot on Tri-x film with my Leica M6. The color work was shot digitally with a variety of prime lenses. Courtney & Stefan were a lot of fun to work with and always, I’m very thankful for that. Nice people make a day filled with hard work that much easier. See below for a list of talented local vendors.

Location: Bel Air Country Club
Flowers: Subrosa Floral Design
Music: Aragorn & Olivia
Cupcakes: Yummy Cupcakes
Wedding Coordinator and Production Director: Jessica Cronin (maid of honor as well!)

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