Eakta & Alex Featured on Maharani Weddings - 9.21.2010

My recent wedding shoot with Eakta & Alex is featured on the wonderful Indian wedding blog Maharani Weddings. They divided the three day extravaganza into 5 different feature posts with first person commentary from Eakta about her experience as an Indian bride. After editing more 12,000 photographs, it’s humbling to know she was pleased with all our work and enjoyed collaborating on the extravagant production. As photographers, we’re often left wondering how others see and feel what we do. Eakta’s words are deeply appreciated.

“I’m not the center of attention kind of person, so I was concerned that Alex and I would get lost in all the hungama of our wedding. I wanted to make sure that our photographs captured the intimate moments hidden in the chaos. I wanted to be able to hold onto the love and joy that surrounded everyone and everything.

I couldn’t have made a better choice. Michael made it easy to be ourselves and who we are really comes out in all the photographs. We didn’t have time for formal wedding shots together (not for lack of trying) but somehow Michael was able to finagle a few special moments together that were just awesome and we were so happy to get. He captured the romance and tradition that surrounded our Hindu ceremony and then took the Western wedding and the reception on Sunday in an entirely different direction—making them more modern and FUN. I love seeing the contrast within all the events — beyond the wardrobe to the atmosphere.

Now that the wedding is a few months past, I have to mention that I am even happier with our choice for a photographer. I didn’t realize how much work would be involved after the wedding to work out the details for our albums and it’s been a real asset to have Michael as a partner in that. One of the biggest challenges of a three-day celebration is figuring out how to tackle getting all those beautiful shots into an album! He’s been incredibly patient with us as we’ve considered all our options. Beyond that though, he’s really worked closely with us to make sure that we are getting exactly the right album. “

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