John Legend, NYC - 3.1.2011

I photographed John Legend at the Sony building in NYC followed by a shoot in Central Park for A.D. Amorosi’s wonderful Q&A. John was a wonderful subject and very easy to work with. We rode over to the park after our studio set up and found a nice open area with soft, overcast light. On the way back he spoke of downloading, how its stealing and how many people in the industry lost jobs because of it. “Stealing in the privacy of your own home, but its still stealing.” I asked him if he thought the industry got caught with their pants down selling CD’s for $18.99 and giving him a dollar for a sale. He agreed, but ultimately thought an album was worth every penny of the price.

Chandler Kauffman helped me on the shoot, check out his behind the scenes snap shots here.

City Paper Editor-In-Chief Brian Howard wrote a great column about his early writings on John Stephens, before the Legend.

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