The PRIMER Shoot, Photography + Design - 8.26.2011

PRIMER is a wonderful boutique design studio led by the creative director Brian Isserman and I’m thrilled with their work. I recently re-organized my website and unified my wedding, music, editorial and personal work (instead of having different sites with different blogs). PRIMER rose to the challenge and designed/created this site you’re reading right now. They came up with the solution to unify all the different galleries and created one blog that functions for all the sections.

To celebrate the launch of the new site, I photographed Brian and his new associate Steve with an 8×10 Deardorf camera. PRIMER is about process and craft, and since the 8×10 camera is also about process and craft, we thought it would be perfect for the job. After the shoot we ordered a pizza, lit of some fireworks and had some beers (that was shot digitally with my Canon 5D mark II). I can’t stress the importance of good design with regards to many aspects of photography: photos books, promotional materials, web/portfolio design among others. It’s an honor to collaborate with a creative director who understand how photography and design function together.

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  1. Anne Melcher says:

    Great shots and the owner looks so serious. And they didn’t even set the woods on fire. Good Job!

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