Tim and Janelle, Edna Valley Winery, California - 9.16.2011

I’m thrilled for my younger brother Tim. He married a great girl last month, he’s working hard and he’s an inspiration to me on a daily basis. I was honored to be the best man at the wedding, which made photographing the entire event and being there for my brother at the same time impossible. Thankfully, Joseph and Jenny Llanes were there as the official photographers to document the extraordinary affair. The entire experience was amazing and I have a new love for the central California coast. The ceremony took place at Edna Valley VIneyards and the reception was held in Pismo Beach at The Cliffs Resort. Tim and Janelle brought a terrific group of family and friends together, which is what its all about, and they newlyweds were radiating love all day. Jessie Ogner, the wonderful Maid of Honor made the beautifully crafted invitations. When it came time to dance, I put the camera away and let Prince take over.

4 Responses to Tim and Janelle, Edna Valley Winery, California

  1. Cindy aka MOB says:

    Mike, these are absolutely fantastic! Some day I would love to have copies of all of the pictures you took. Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Karen Lattimer says:

    Mike, the pictures are beautiful. So real. The cake was jumping out at me like it was sitting on my lap.

  3. Lynda Burke says:

    Love the photo off Tim & Janelle toasting your Mom – she and Lola look radiant. Loved all of the photos! It was such a fun wedding.

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