Christina & Mike, Palm Desert CA, Part 1 - 4.10.2013

So when a photographer you respect asks you to shoot her wedding what do you do?!? I was humbled and honored! Christina M. Felice is a talented fashion photographer hailing from Philly and working in Los Angeles. Mike Merriman is an artist manager from Colorado also working in Los Angeles. They met on a photo shoot 8 years ago, and after merging their lives together, they married in the desert outside Palm Springs. Having known Christina for a long time, I was very inspired to make a great body of work for her and Mike. I know it would be an opportunity to combine fashion, portraiture, and documentary photography. We had hard desert daylight, warm magic hour light, and pink sky sunset light. Then the dance party took over. Stay tuned for that in part two!

For our engagement shoot, we collaborated on a Polaroid project of tight, close-up images of Mike, Christina, and the beach landscape; tiled together to create an abstracted version of a portrait of the two of them. I shot it, and Christina and Mike created the layout together. The final product was displayed at the wedding for guests to sign.

Lastly, the Star Wars theme rocked. They have a dog named Leia and they both have the same Millennium Falcon tattoo with Han Solo’s quote “Never Tell Me The Odds.” He had Millennium Falcon cufflinks and the tables were named for different Star Wars planets. The Cake? The Millennium Falcon was exploding out of it.


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  1. Stacey S says:

    These are some truly amazing wedding pictures…all other wedding photos pale by comparison!

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