PRIMER and the amazing design work they do - 7.15.2014

I’m humbled and honored to have met Brian Isserman. He’s an old school creative director who understands the modern digital landscape. He runs PRIMER, an awesome boutique branding + design agency based in Philadelphia. He’s hired me to shoot campaigns for his clients, yet we go back to coffee at Infusion on Germantown Ave. He was about to marry a kick ass artist and illustrator named Michele. Michele Melcher to be exact, you can see her work and participate in her amazing “Unselfie Project” right here (the project received national press). She rules, but I digress… They asked me to shoot their Halloween themed wedding in Bucks County, PA. We’ve been collaborating on great projects since. When I moved to LA and needed to rebuild, PRIMER designed a website, a portfolio, promotional materials, a poster. Beyond the awesome design though, Brian has become an amazing individual to collaborate with. PRIMER just launched a new website and our work is featured as a case study.

Here’s an 8×10 View Camera Portrait I made of Brian and his 1963 Mercury Meteor:


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