Editorial work is photography’s contribution to storytelling, which is an age-old tradition. Photography is also very often a solo journey, but editorial photography is a collaborative process, which I enjoy. There’s an art director, there’s an editor, there’s a writer; there’s an idea that needs to be communicated, and I play a part in bringing that idea to life.

When I was working at the Philadelphia City Paper, I shot a photo essay entitled “Stenton Avenue Reprise.” Jazz pianist Orrin Evans had started a Wednesday night jam session at a corner bar in a neighborhood that was

undergoing some strife. He brought musicians into a remote corner of the city and created this magic for the community every Wednesday night. In an economically challenged part of Philadelphia, where there weren’t too many positive stories in the news, people came together to spread the love of the music and the community. I think it was something special and it felt wonderful to shoot it and watch it bloom. City Paper published it as a cover story and the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies gave us the first place photo award that year.