I recently moved from Philadelphia to the West Coast, and through my personal work I’m trying to find a connection with the city of Los Angeles. Making personal work really gets down to the relationship between you and your craft. It keeps you honest. If you lose that connection, your other work suffers. I rely on photography to put food on the table for my family but I’m also indebted to photography for saving my life; I feel like that personal work fulfills the need to give something back to photography.

Perhaps the body of work closest to my heart is the collection of images I’ve taken at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, a small piece of land off the northern shore of Lake Ontario. My mother was born and raised there, and I’ve been going there all my life to visit my family. And I’ve been making work there for over 10 years, about the place and the feeling it gives me, about the idea of returning home. As somebody who grew up moving around a lot and has battled with the idea of what home is, returning and making work there provides a real personal and spiritual connection.